These are federal and state government based cash flow income streams. They offer payments from a reliable source and an opportunity for fund recipients to leverage future payments into present day cash. Contact a certified Cash Flow consultant for assistance today!

Conservation Reserve Payments (CRPs)Conservation Reserve Payments (CRPs) Conservation Reserve Payments (CRPs), established with the Farm Act of 2002, offer annual payments and cost sharing to farmers to preserve environmentally sensitive cropland. Our funding sources can provide cash upfront for  future payments with the Farm Contracts/CRP Payments Submission Worksheet.

Farm Production Flexibility Contracts (PFCs)Farm Production Flexibility Contracts (PFCs)
Farm Production Flexibility Contracts (PFCs)Over the last 15 years, environmental management and conservation programs for production acreage have received a majority of the federal conservation expenditures. To leverage these future federal payments, fill out a Farm Contracts/CRP Payments Submission Worksheet .

Lottery PaymentsLottery Payments
You FINALLY hit the jackpot, but did not choose to get a lump sum distribution. You can still get your cash upfront without having to wait for any more annual installments. Just fill in a Lottery Payment Submission Worksheet.

Corporate and Military RetirementCorporate and Military Retirement
Exchange your future U.S. Pension payments for a lump sum of cash today! Enjoy the freedom of having the funds available today to finally fulfill your dreams. Download and fill out the Future Payment Submission Worksheet.

Contact a certified Cash Flow consultant for assistance today!