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Even the best laid plans can have cost overruns, unforeseen market changes, or a withdrawal of financial backing. And when you have committed yourself down to your last penny, you absolutely have to get the funding to see your hard work come to fruition.

When the unexpected occurs, a timely response is essential. We have the financial resources to provide you with cash when you absolutely need it to have it NOW! Depending on your situation, these loans can be funded in as little as 3 days.

Please note that, although we are committed to not charge upfront fees for our services, other brokers often do and our referral to use their services may prove to be the fastest way to get you funded.

Referral Program fees for Hard Money Loans:
                 $ 50k - $99.99k, use our 1.5% Solution
                 $100K - $999.99K, use our 1.75% Solution
                 $1M - $4.99M, use our 2% Solution
                 $5M - $9.99M, use our 2.25% Solution
                 $10M - $24.99M, use our 2.5% Solution
                 $25M - $49.99M, use our 2.75% Solution
                 $50M - $99.99M, use our 3% Solution
                 $100 - $149.99M, use our 3.25% Solution
                 $150 and above, use our 3.5% Solution

Use our Hard Money Loans for quick, short-term bridge capital on commercial real estate:

 Unique Acquisitions
 Bankruptcy Resolutions
 Partnership Disputes
 Debt Restructuring
 Turnaround Situations
 Bank Workouts
 Rehabilitation, Renovations
 Owner Occupied
 Vacant Building Financing
 Mortgage Acquisitions
 Tax Lien, Judgment payoffs
 Working Capital Needs
 Discounted Debt Payoffs
 Borrower Distress
 Value Added Opportunities

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