Payments from insurance companies comprise this opportunity to increase your cash flow. State and federal regulation and an insurance company's claim-paying ability rating are some of the considerations governing funding. We can assist you in determining if you can benefit from these cash flow opportunities. Contact a certified Cash Flow consultant for assistance.

Annuity / Settlement PaymentsAnnuities - You may be able to convert future distributions from an annuity into lump-sum cash. Certain conditions apply. Let us help determine your eligibility. Complete the Annuity/Settlement Payments Submission Worksheet.

Funeral Purchase AssignmentsFuneral Purchase Assignments - Meet your immediate cash flow needs through the use of future insurance policy benefits to pay for funeral expenses. Download and complete a Funeral Purchase Assignment Submission Worksheet.

Life Insurance/ViaticalSettlementsLife Insurance/Viatical Settlements - Making premium payments on a life insurance policy? Our funding sources purchase policies for a lump sum with a Viatical settlement. Fill out a Life Insurance/Viatical Submission Referral Program Form.

Prizes / Awards / Casino WinningsPrizes / Awards / Casino Winnings - If you are receiving installments on prize, award or casino winnings and you would like to receive your future installment payments upfront, contact us today! Complete a Periodic Payment Submission Worksheet.

tructured Settlements / Class Action AwardsStructured Settlements / Class Action Awards - Say goodbye to a lengthy payout schedule. Turn your structured financial settlement into a lump-sum cash payment. Complete the Periodic Payment Submission Worksheet.

Contact a certified Cash Flow consultant for assistance today!