Last Updated 1/22/08

The Cash Flow People GroupTM takes your privacy and security seriously. The privacy policy below explains our business practices and how they affect you with the information you submit on this web site.The following information is collected when entering e-mail online:


Why do we collect this information?
In order to begin your funding process, we require basic personal contact information to expedite your application. Having this information will help us determine what type of options we can provide for you before contacting you back, and allows us to serve you better.

NOTICE: Our current online e-mail application does not store online information in a database. None of your information will be available to other users nor will it be stored on our web network. In the future we may plan to allow for online customer accounts, storing your information and allowing for easy updating of your information. Access will be restricted to the consultants and funding agents directly working with your account(s).

Is any additional information collected?
The Cash Flow People GroupTM uses standard Internet monitoring software to monitor bandwidth usage and the number of incoming visits. Your IP address, Internet Provider, and the web site that connected you to us may be recorded for statistical and advertising purposes. No personal information is recorded without your consent. Your account consultant will inform you when and if any additional personal information (i.e. social security number or credit information) is required by the funding sources. As such, this type of information should not be entered into e-mail submitted on this web site, or any other web site, unless you verify the implementation of measures to securely transmit the data.

Will any of my information be shared with others?
In certain cases, information provided by you will be shared with agencies to allow us to provide the services you require. In addition, we may provide information to affiliate programs providing direct lending for marketing purposes. We may share personal information received from credit reporting agencies if required for the processing of your funding application. Any company with which we share information is contractually obligated to maintain your confidentiality and will not publicly release your information. The Cash Flow People GroupTM does not sell our customer's personal information.

How do you protect personal information?
We restrict access to your information obtained from our website(s) to our consultants and funding agents. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect personal information. We do not store customer information databases on this website. Information entered into contact e-mails is sent directly to the consultant's mailbox. No customer data is retrievable through any link on our website.

How do I contact the Cash Flow People GroupTM with any questions about this Privacy Statement?
Please submit your information request through our e-mail form: Cash Flow People GroupTM for a prompt reply.

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